Conditions of the Works

Conditions of the Works

The collection that we present here is the complete work that Antonio García Calvente left as a legacy after his death to his only children and heirs.

Although almost all the works that appear in the catalog are intact and in perfect condition, it is true that some are slightly damaged and many others are considered irrecoverable.

Unfortunately, the recovery of Antonio’s legacy has not been easy, all his personal belongings disappeared, along with all his books, many of his notes, watercolors, photographs, catalogues, drawings, all the most capricious paintings and almost all the engravings. After the recovery of the works that remained, when carrying out the inventory, we have been able to verify the poor condition of the few works that have been recovered.

Many of them were lost in a fire that burned most of his own private collection. For this reason, the works that appear available were mostly paintings, drawings and sketches kept in a place other than the fire, and are from certain very specific and significant periods.

As we explained, it was challenging to recover the works, and when we were finally able to do so, we also found that it had been stored in an unsuitable environment for a few years, damaging some works on paper, especially with humidity.

We also have to understand that such a prolific painter could take advantage of almost any support to develop his creativity, which is why many sketches and paintings are on recycled or reused supports or even boards.

For this reason, among the attributes of the works we find the state of the same to be able to perfectly detail the conditions of each work:

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