Essential Archetypal Structures

Essential Archetypal Structures



Essential archetypal structures

Oil on canvas

Representation of the reflection in the individual’s mind of the energy patterns of He Tu and Luo Shu.

Many of the observations of nature in Taoism arise in the study of He Tu, the representation of the river, the balance of perfect harmony between Yin and Yang. It is the basis of Feng Shui.

On the ancient Chinese map, located in the center of the map, oriented in the cardinal points, not as north, south, east and west, but as warm, cold energy, abundant vegetation and fire. On this map the black and white dots represent the numbers 1 to 9 and their influence in each direction of the map.

This diagram, the He Tu, had no change, was static, and served to understand the cycles of time influencing nature.

Centuries later, the Luo Shu emerged, the second map, a turtle that emerges from the Yellow River with black and white dots on its shell.

The sage Xia Yu interpreted his marks and captured them on the 3×3 grid, the magic square.

This generated the Pakua of the Later Heaven, the inner Feng Shui, the 9 stars and the 9 Palaces of the grid, the Path of the Luo Shu, showing the flow of Qi in the Luo Shu.

This work is a representation of a concrete movement within the Luo Shu in the person, a harmony of archetypal internal structures, a reflection of the Qi movement flowing through the internal rivers and channels of the body.

Measurements: 46x38cm


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