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The legacy of a painter from Madrid

The Totom Art collection brings together the works of the Spanish expressionist painter Antonio García Calvente, Totom (1957-2015), painter, ceramist and sculptor. Philosophical and mystical art.

Searching for a symbolic, universal and transcendental language.

Life and work of Antonio García Calvente (1957-2015)

Expressionism, Taoism, philosophy, psychology, Jungian art, abstract, minimalism…

Impasto, técnicas artísticas utilizadas por el pintor español

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Antonio García Calvente

Antonio García Calvente art collection, Totom artistic firm. Spanish painter, expressionist artist died in 2015, with a mystical, symbolic and philosophical message.

Art for sale. Art collection of oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, sculptures, ceramics.

Artistic work for sale by the expressionist painter.

An exclusive and unique art collection.

Antonio García Calvente
Antonio García Calvente

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An original and intense expressionism, which accentuates contrasts, colors and the message.

Expressionism investigates the internal world, psychology, feelings and emotions.

A reflection of the internal reality, the experience and unique experience of the artist before the world.

From the SYMBOL, to the ARCHETYPICAL manifestation; from DREAM to CONSCIOUSNESS.

SPIRITUAL ART and PHILOSOPHICAL ART, which reflects a psychic, internal and sensitive world.

The search for a transcendental and mystical meaning.

Discover the world of ART. Philosophy of art, aesthetics, symbols, techniques, collections, news, exhibitions… Articles written by Altaïr Kailash, writer, musician and painter.

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