Philosophical art, Symbolic and Spiritual Art

Philosophical art, symbolic and spiritual art. Painting for sale of spiritual art, paintings with alchemical, philosophical, Jungian symbols: Oils, watercolors, prints, ceramics.

Mysticism in the Art of Totom

Symbolism and mysticism in the art of Antonio García Calvent. A Spanish painter with a spiritual, alchemical, Taoist and Jungian look.

An art from the mystical to the symbols. Where symbols serve as meeting bridges with the human spirit, leading us to a deeper knowledge of reality.

Taoistic symbols, alchemical and essential philosophical.

Retrato al óleo Antonio García Calvente Desamor


Art tries to be expressed in a universal language: a language recognized in all times and all cultures. For Antonio it was well known that what made an artist timeless was the use of a universal and timeless language.

When Antonio García Calvente searches for his own language, it is through expressionism that little by little he discovers the way to make himself understood beyond his own culture and transcend current canons.

The symbols he uses are basic, they are not altered by his own perception, nor does he dare play with them out of respect for the symbol itself and its meaning. They are simply intended to serve as a key to the knowledge they point to.

Unique Pieces

The work of Antonio García Calvente predominates for being unique, original and difficult to replicate.

Each piece corresponds to a complete work, even in the series, we observe originality and creativity.

The artist abandons predetermined forms, established textures and techniques, investigating a unique and personal creative process.

This work highlights: originality; creativity; expression; message and strength.

Cupido Oleo en tela
Plaza de toros, óleo sobre lienzo

personal Style

Throughout his career as an artist, Antonio García Calvente managed to create a personal and unique style.

Breaking away from all the clichés and abandoning himself to his own instincts, Antonio García Calvente’s art shows his personality.

Spiritual Art and Essential Symbols

The use of symbols brings us closer to the essential truths in which we get lost and wander within the generational, social or personal unconscious.

The symbols lead us to the awakening of our wisdom, illuminating the hidden by introducing us to hidden feelings that are not visible from the conscious.

Antonio García Calvente, student of Carl Gustav Jung, of alchemy and Taoist practitioner, used the purest and oldest symbols in his art, forcing the viewer to observe his own essence from a much more direct and focused perspective, avoiding everything superfluous and connecting with the silent voice of the soul.

For this reason, in his different works the same keys and symbols will be repeated, which will be used just like keys, as direct bridges to the essence of the human being.

Junguian Art

From the SYMBOL, to the ARCHETYPICAL manifestation; from DREAM to CONSCIOUSNESS.

SPIRITUAL ART, which reflects a psychic, internal and sensitive world.

The search for a transcendental and mystical meaning.


The minimalist abstract style will serve to address deep aspects of Taoist philosophy. Everything and nothing, the sky, the ocean, the rain, the primal mind, the ying and the yang…

In minimalist abstract works we find clarity, harmony and simplicity.

pintura Silencio
individual movement in yellows

Figuras en Movimiento

The abstract movements of Antonio García Calvente are mostly representations of human figures at different moments of life.

They are abstract expressionist works that give shape to movement and change.

In them the collection of Lovers stands out, drawing different scenes of the love of a couple, just like a line of events that are lived in love.

Erotic Art

An essential aspect in the art of Antonio García Calvente is women, eroticism and sexuality.

Through oil paintings, drawings and watercolors, we find a series of artistic works dedicated to eroticism.

Arte erótico desnudo de mujer obra sin título

Spiritual Art for Sale

Spiritual and philosophical art in painting through alchemical, Jungian, Taoist, and philosophical symbols. In oils, acrylics, watercolors, chinese inks, engravings and ceramics.

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