Taoist watercolor Microcosm 31×46 nº1

Taoist watercolor Microcosm 31×46 nº1


Taoist watercolor, abstract painting, spiritual art. With narrative, descriptive, symbolic, spiritual content. philosophical art. Original by Antonio Garcia Calvente.

A series of Taoist artistic pieces.

Microcosm Collection 2007
Measurements: 31×46
Ref.: MW46311

The Microcosm series is a series of watercolors that represent the Universe, from the materialization of sound to the primal elemental forces.


Taoist Watercolor Archetypal Microcosm

Archetypal Taoist watercolor Microcosm. Abstract painting, spiritual art. With symbolic and philosophical content. Original watercolor by Antonio García Calvente

Taoist representation of the structure of the mind in a meditative state.

The series of Taoist watercolors are a journey towards consciousness, where the experience of order, chaos and the union of consciousness and unconsciousness, light and darkness is captured with subjectivity, color and balance.

This series of watercolors observe the look towards oneself, the microcosm, in a meditative state where everything arises from the sacrifice of the intellect to which Carl Gustav Jung invites, in order to achieve a complete inner journey.

The macrocosm and the microcosm, silence, the primordial manifestation, come to intermingle in pure and watery colors that reflect an instantaneous vision. It is not about color or shape here, but about an instant of Taoist experience where, without saying anything, without being anything, one tries to caress the moment. In these paintings he represents the fundamental philosophy of Taoism, which surrenders to the leaf that falls from the tree in autumn and embraces the void.

Work of representation or invention, painting can be naturalistic and figurative, or abstract. It can have narrative, descriptive, symbolic, spiritual or philosophical content.

Technique, measurements, reference:

Jungian Archetypal Watercolor Collection 2007

watercolor on paper

Measurements: 31×46

Ref.: MW46311

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