Mythological art

Mythological art. Mystical art, oil painting and watercolors, philosophical artistic works with mythological connotation by Antonio García Calvente

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  • Cuadro expresionista Selene, desnudo de mujer del pintor Antonio García Calvente
    Oil paintings



    Oil on canvas
    Woman dancing in the middle of the sky
    Incarnation of Selene, the titan who personified the moon, daughter of Hyperion and Thea. She identified with Artemis

  • pintura Selene diosa
    Oil paintings

    Selene with sword, mythological painting 100x100cm


    Selene, goddess of the moon, sitting on skulls, watching the reflection of the moon in the sea. oil on canvas. Impasto technique with painter’s spatulas. Original expressionist pictorial work by Antonio García Calvente

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