Minotaur in oil on raw canvas. Rich colors on a natural canvas base without stains or primers.

The minotaur is a monster from Greek mythology, a representation of the fruit of the most corrupt human desires, a creature born from the most instinctive, wild and animalistic passions.
The minotaur, the result of the union of a woman and a bull, is the unrecognized son, the result of lust, deception, and irrational desire.
Minos cannot allow the lineage that results from the union of his wife with the fruit of desire, and locks the minotaur in a labyrinth. Thus the minotaur, sacred and cursed, is locked in the shadows of a labyrinth to hide the perversion.
Even so, the minotaur is a being that requires being satiated, it is a creature that keeps secrets that require sacrifices to remain hidden. For this reason, every year they give him 7 innocent and chaste men and 7 women who feed the minotaur and keep the secret hidden and appeased in the labyrinth.

Measurements: 41x33cm


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