Abstract Steps through the city 40x30cm nº13

Abstract Steps through the city 40x30cm nº13


Abstract Steps through the city. Antonio García Calvente’s collection of acrylic and watercolor art, Totom, minimalist abstract style

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Abstract Steps through the city 40x30cm

Abstract Steps through the city. The Pasos de la ciudad collection are paintings made observing the confusing and precise moment where good and bad news capture the mind, leading us to wander through the streets of Madrid.
The streets of the city are seen as spaces that corner us, trap us, change us, and one day we see ourselves there, wandering aimlessly, without seeing the horizon from afar.
They are curiosity, the traps of the city, and its linearity, together with the incessant footsteps and thoughts of lost walkers, small, as insignificant as drops of paintings whose footprints can be erased by the same water.
Acrylics and watercolors on paper, original pieces by Antonio García Calvente, Totom, minimalist abstract style

Measurements, techniques and reference

Title: Steps through the city.
Measurements: 40 x 30 cm
Collection VIII 2007

Reference: PW40307

Technique: mixed technique, with watercolors and acrylics on high quality cold-pressed paper.

Sale and transport:

From Gallery Art Totom we manage the sale and transport of these collectible pieces of art.

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