Ceramic taoist glass 14x13cm

Ceramic taoist glass 14x13cm


Taoist ceramic, original works by Antonio García Calvente. Acquisition of original and unique pottery pieces.


Ceramic Taoist

Handmade Taoist ceramics, original works by Antonio García Calvente. Acquisition of original and unique pottery pieces.

In the ceramics from the last stage of the life of the artist Antonio García Totom, we find a work of Taoist perfection. A simple object, to use every day, and without realizing it, to hold very important keys in your hands.

Antonio, realizing that this would be his last job, simplified his experience and his spiritual path as much as possible, in order to deliver a simple gift that was easily accepted.
His objective of it, that it be simple, useful, and that at the same time, does not have to be understood.

These ceramics are a gift.

They are made entirely by the artist, from the handmade process of the piece, to the final finish and baking.

The clay soil has been chosen based on the sensitive experience that will be delivered in each of the pieces, molded and lovingly treated by hand.

With specific cooking and slow cooling to achieve a more traditional style.

The preparation of the pigments and enamels is completely natural, from the most natural minerals, in the search for that homemade enamel, some natural alterations appear in firing.

The white bathroom, based on the traditional Talavera technique, has been perfected by Totom, who devised this more matte and pale texture and color, giving a pleasant touch that generates softness to the color and to the final piece.

It is a technique to achieve the exact color of the details, developed during more than 20 years as a ceramicist.

Grease-free ceramic paints maintain a soft and pleasant cooking that avoids the intense red color, but thanks to the perfection in the work, we see that in these works there are dark nuances that hide this deficiency.

It is completely handmade and very beautiful.

In turn, we find some key Taoist symbols in all the pieces, in sequences that show a way of understanding the process of self-discovery and awakening.


Top diameter: 14cm

bottom diameter: 11cm


Sale and acquisition:

At the moment we reserve the acquisition of works for direct sale.

You can reserve the piece you want for your collection

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