Philosophical alchemist art The Confused Mass 72x73cm

Philosophical alchemist art The Confused Mass 72x73cm


Philosophical alchemist art The confused mass. Alchemical philosophical painting. Oil on canvas. Original work by Antonio García Calvente.


Philosophical alchemist art The Confused Mass

Alchemist philosophical art The confused mass. Alchemical philosophical painting. Oil on canvas. Original work by Antonio García Calvente.

The confused mass is the representation of the key element of the first phase of the alchemical process: the nigredo or putrefaction. It represents the initial state, the property of the raw material, of chaos. The confused mass is created by decomposition (sutelio, separatio, divisio, putrefactio) of the elements. The raw black substance. In it life and death coexist, where death is produced from life, and life is produced from death. It is a state of decomposition, where the union of the masculine and the feminine is generated. The nigredo is the first stage, the catharsis, the beginning of the inner transformation.

Technique, measurements, reference:

Title: confused mass

Technique: Oil on canvas, technique with painter’s spatulas, impasto.

Measurements: 92x73cm


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Painter’s Note:

Of the effect, of the dreams and projections that we have, there are endless manifestations, there are even theories, attempts, norms and regulations that try to establish some kind of order or establish values of all kinds in this regard, always, of course. This, with the best of intentions, is frankly complicated, because if scholars, who invest all their energy, in observing these issues, fall victim to them, as we were not going to get rid of the rest, it seems inevitable and may be necessary, the Nature does not usually do anything sterile, but the way in which this type of manifestations force us to take note of unquestionable facts, sometimes at the cost of our stability, is also curious, if it were not important for those who suffer it It would seem that what is intended is that the person who suffers it gets lost in a sea of confusion. A calmer observation of the matter sometimes helps me to intuit possibilities that otherwise would be difficult to interpret, sometimes, the language uaje is confused with the message and in that sea of perception I feel overwhelmed, but of course, in the end its effects are the ones that are noticed, perhaps a very clarifying question in this regard is the one posed by C.G.JUNG, why? From that moment on, the perspective changes because of course, I repeat, nature does not do anything sterile, we do and what it is about is precisely to avoid it, that is why, when I had this dream and I painted it, I could not know that he wanted to tell me, nor could I intuit, the value of his message, only after some time, that dark spiral, in which I was inexorably submerged, and which caused me so much anxiety and vertigo, manifested itself and before “the question” I begin to intuit , the need to renew, essential issues in me.

Comment by Antonio García Calvente

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