The egg: The inner truth

The egg: The inner truth



The egg

Expressionist painting, with Taoist symbology

Taoist art. Egg painting, unity and encounter with oneself, inner truth, transparency, simplicity of the essence of the Universe. Painted by Antonio García Calvente, it is a work in oil on canvas with the palette technique and soft tones, in a large format.

Sign “I Ching” FU, ch.61
Richard Wilhelm: Comments: “The character for fu (“truth”) is actually the image of a bird’s foot on a chick. It suggests the idea of brooding. An egg is hollow. The light-giving power must work to quicken it from without, but there must be a germ of life within, if life is to be awakened. Far-reaching speculations can be linked to these ideas.”

Oil on canvas

Measurements: 163 x 130cm

Ref.: SO19513012

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