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  • Sale! El dragón sobre el busto del héroe
    Oil paintings

    Archetypal Painting The Dragon and the Hero 163x130cm


    Archetypal painting The Dragon and the Hero. The dragon on the hero bust, philosophical Jungian painting on the hero myth. Oil on canvas, original piece by Antonio García Calvente

  • Sale! Abstracción figurativa Árbol
    Oil paintings

    Tree oil


    Oil tree, Taoist symbolic expressionism. Painting of energetic movement on a tree. spiritual artwork

  • Sale! Arquera óleo sobre lienzo
    Oil paintings


  • paintings astrology zodiac oil on canvas
    Oil paintings



    Oleo sobre lienzo

    Dimensiones obra: 130 x 97 Obra realizada en: 2005

  • Sale! pintura dañada abstracto
    Oil paintings

    Lovers VIII, oil on canvas, 163 x 114cm


    Lovers VIII, oil on canvas, 163 x 114cm. Collection of abstract paintings of lovers by the painter Antonio García Calvente Totom, oil on canvas.

  • mandala al óleo
    Oil paintings

    Taoist mandala 3 with color 38×55,5cm


    Taoist mandala 3 with color. Third work of the artistic collection of mandalas. Oil on canvas. Original Spiritual Symbolic Philosophical Art by Antonio García Calvente

  • Sale! Paloma, pintura artística dañada
    Oil paintings

    White dove oil on canvas 145 x114cm

  • Pintura toísta rojos Mandala simbolico Totom
    Oil paintings

    Mandala 3 in reds


    Mandala Collection

    Mandala 3 in reds with oils on canvas

    Measurements: 38×55.5cm


  • pintura expresionista desnudo mujer Antonio Totom
    Oil paintings

    Nude melancholic woman

  • Sale! Abstracto movimiento en pareja
    Oil paintings

    Abstract movement in pairs 92x65cm


    Abstract movement in pairs. Movement figure painting with black and red on blue and white, oil on canvas, impasto technique with painter’s spatulas. Original abstract expressionist pictorial work by Antonio García Calvente

  • Sale! bodegón sardinas Antonio García Calvente
    Oil paintings

    Still life with sardines


    Still life with sardines in oil on canvas. figurative expressionism. Expressionist pictorial work, original still life by Antonio García Calvente

  • Mandala sobre tabla
    Oil paintings

    Mandala in black on board 58x78cm


    Mandala in black on table 58x78cm, Taoist painting. Artistic collection of mandalas. Oil on table. Original spiritual symbolic philosophical art by painter Antonio García Calvente

  • Sale! pintura taoísta simbolica Antonio García Calvente mandala sobre fondo oscuro
    Oil paintings

    Mandala 2M

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