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Antonio García Calvente, Totom (1957-2015), painter, draughtsman, ceramicist, engraver, sculptor and decorator in the expressionist style with a line of alchemical art.

Looking for a universal and transcendental symbolic language.

pintor Totom firma artística

Antonio García Calvente

Artist Totom
Antonio García Calvente

Spanish painter, expressionist

Art collection of Antonio García Calvente, artistic name Totom, a Spanish painter, an expressionist artist with a mystical message.

After his death, the collection available is very limited and special, mostly works from the artist’s personal collection.

Art sale - Totom Art

this art collection aims to encompass the painter’s work and his legacy, and manages the sale of the artist’s art.

Art Collection for Sale:


An original and intense expressionism, accentuating contrasts, colors and the message.

Spiritual Art for Sale

From the SYMBOL, to the ARCHETYPAL manifestation; from DREAM to CONSCIOUSNESS.

SPIRITUAL ART and PHILOSOPHICAL ART, which reflects a psychic, internal and sensitive world.

The search for a transcendental and mystical meaning.

Spiritual and philosophical art in painting through alchemical, Jungian, Taoist, and philosophical symbols. In oils, acrylics, watercolors, chinese inks, engravings and ceramics.

About the Artist

Who was Antonio García Calvente?

Style Art: Symbolism

The Mystical Symbolism in the Art

Antonio García Calvente Totom pintor

Artistic Techniques

All artistic techniques of the painter

Conditions of the Work

Current conditions of the works

The expression of the symbol, which is manifested through the experience and perception in the being and comes to embody the path of regeneration of life, being the milestone that indicates the path of transcendence in the difficult passage of enhantiodromia, crossroads without the possibility of resolution, from which we can only come out gracefully with the renewal of being, update of values and readjustment to the environment, with the consequent transformation of oneself. Using any language within my reach.


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