Moving abstract painting

Moving abstract painting

Abstract painting in general does not try to show a physical manifestation of a tangible reality, but rather an instant, a breath, a feeling, a movement.

Abstract painting seeks balance in the non-form, moving away from the harmony and tranquility that the known generates, it wants to embrace a different harmony, more emotional and sincere, achieving a tranquility in the feeling.

Abstracto movimiento dos figuras rosas y azul

Moving figures

The first moving figures that Antonio painted with this characteristic style would appear in 1996, although later on he deepened in this line until he achieved the work that we find in the paintings in the art collection.

In the year 2020 let us remember that Antonio began a study on real models of the human nude that he did not conclude until the end of his life, and this work, beyond artistic nudes, deepened towards movement.

The moving figures of Antonio García Calvente appear with real models, in 2021, not with painter’s models, but directly sketching with gymnasts in their training. Sessions of acrobatic movements, gymnastics training where Antonio was able to find a different type of meaning to the human figure, discovering movement.

Little by little, this study of the human body and movement determined a style of painting where the figures come to life in that movement, which ends up being the only meaning of the painting.

The abstract movements of Antonio García Calvente are mostly representations of human figures at different moments of life.

They are abstract expressionist works that give shape to movement and change.

Oil paintings of lovers

Among all the series of moving figures, the Lovers collection stands out, drawing different scenes of a couple’s love, just like a line of events that are experienced in love.

We meet the kiss, the hug, the gifts, the goodbyes, the fights, the forgiveness.

They are paintings that show different moments, like a poem or a love story that each one should tell as they feel and discover.

Defined contours

As we can see, the contours take on a clear and concrete definition, reaching the point where the figure disappears and becomes a line, a silhouette, a line. The lines representing the figures are suspended in the background.

The lines have a great definition and are long and thick strokes with a much more intense and marked color than the background.

Clearly, it implies that what is important is the movement, the twist, the sensation.

Backgrounds and textures in the paintings

The background texture of the moving figures determines the energy that moves the movement. They are not random colors or shapes, they are key elements to understand and accept what is being generated.

All the backgrounds of these paintings are in perfect harmony with the representation that is sought.

Pintura figuras en movimiento
Pintura figuras en movimiento

Movement and Taoism art

One of the keys to Taoism is The Book of Changes, the I Ching. In the Taoist tradition, the look is not based on the concrete form, nor on the current moment, but on the movement, the moment we are living is the result of yesterday and directs us towards tomorrow. Today it does not exist without understanding that everything flows and changes, everything is in constant movement.

All that we are is movement.

The Taoist does not look towards the present moment, because it is ephemeral, like everything, it rests on the horizon, observing the constant changes and flowing with them.

The art theory of Taoist aesthetics is complete and has a much longer journey than it appears. The artist who starts on this path begins abandoning the attempt to be himself and begins to try to be what he portrays and creates.

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