Posthumous Exhibition of Taoist Philosophical Expressionist Painter

Posthumous Exhibition of Taoist Philosophical Expressionist Painter

Totom Art Gallery presents a posthumous exhibition of the Spanish painter Antonio García Calvente, Totom, a Taoist philosophical expressionist artist who died in 2015.

The FIABCN art fair brings together contemporary artists from all over the world, and the art exhibition by Antonio García Calvente can be found at Stand B10, with TOTOM ART GALLERY.

Exhibition art FIABCN Barcelona
Collective exhibition in Barcelona

The exhibition, which can be visited until November 24 and 25 in Barcelona, brings together a selection of works by artist of the latest creations.

Antonio García Calvente was born in Madrid in 1954. From a very young age he became interested in painting, and delved into different artistic techniques throughout his life. In his early works, he was inspired by realism, landscaping, religious imagery and sculpture, but soon his style evolved into a Taoist philosophical expressionism.

In his works, Antonio García Calvente explored the symbols of Taoism and Jungian philosophy, such as nature, balance, harmony, the psyche and the soul. His paintings are often figurative, but also contain abstract elements, always in a very symbolic context.

The collective exhibition of the FIABCN international art fair can be visited at the Barcelona Maritime Museum.

Antonio, from the artistic firm Totom, was a unique and original artist, who left a legacy of works that are both beautiful and profound. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to learn about the work of this exceptional artist.

Some of the themes explored in the work are:

  • Alchemy and Jungian philosophy: the artist was fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the nature of the mind from a Jungian psychological paradigm, a work that led him to study alchemy and psychology in all its facets. His paintings often represent archetypes and dreams that inspire the processes that we all live consciously or unconsciously.
  • Taoism: Antonio García Calvente was a practitioner of Taoism. His paintings reflect the ideas and beliefs of this philosophy.
  • Emotion: through color, symbols and intense impasto strokes, Antonio creates a type of work that is impossible to go unnoticed. A type of art that impacts and forces you to stop.
  • Eroticism: Many of the painter’s works are wild, erotic and provocative.

The exhibition is an opportunity to learn about a small part of the work of an artist who was both a great painter and a profound philosopher.

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