Egg, Taoist sculpture

Egg, Taoist sculpture

Sculture taoist egg



This series of Totom sculptures are a Taoist representation of the conjunction and balance of the divine aspects of nature.

One of the key concepts of Taoism is yin and yang. They are two essential forces of nature, opposite to each other, but complementing each other. Light and dark, feminine and masculine, hot and cold, dry and humid, docile and creative.

Tao is the essence of all things, it encompasses everything, it is neither superior nor inferior, neither masculine nor feminine, but it is everything at the same time.

In its first manifestation, when it discovers itself, the masculine and feminine principle arises. In the center, the man, represented by the fish that when he looks up he sees everything blue, and when he looks down he sees everything blue.

Feminine and masculine energies need each other, without one the other does not exist.

The masculine, the yang, is warm, strong, intense like a dragon, it expands and finds no limits, it is bright, active, it is the sun and the luminous. He tends to expand and manifest.
The feminine, the ying, is cold, weak, dark, humid, it is the moon, winter. He tends to retain, to retain, to remain.

Yin and yang are understood in three movements: change, differences and balance.

Understanding yin and yang, integrating their wisdom, is accepting the cycles of life.
The cyclical and natural change is experienced in harmony when we allow the ying and yang to complement and embrace each other, giving light in their loving embrace to all beings.

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